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Your Journey, Our Journey

Houston Research Institute is dedicated to providing positive experiences for our pharmaceutical and CRO partners. As such, Houston Research Institute is focused on providing every study with the attention necessary for producing quality data.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters who make our medical advancements possible!

Patient Database

Houston Research Institute has an enormous untapped patient population that can meet the studies recruitment goals.  Many sponsors are concerned with recruitment. Houston Research Institute makes every effort to review its large database during patient recruitment. HRI has formed strong relationships with local healthcare providers who specialize in a variety of different therapeutic areas. Pharmaceutical companies and CROs who are looking for quality sites are encouraged to contact Houston Research Institute.

Facilities & Logistics

Our research site and multilingual research staff are available to meet the demands of the many different therapeutic areas of clinical trials. Our facility includes a laboratory, dedicated patient exam rooms for research activities, secured limited access Storage Room for IP’s, onsite FibroScan and monitoring room. We maintain the necessary medical equipment to conduct and interpret diagnostic exams.

Why you should partner with Houston Research Institute


One of the ways Houston Research Institute can obtain quality data is by developing its internally-trained research staff, including coordinators and Investigators. Study coordinators are trained on the best methods for becoming protocol experts, documenting events, entering and responding to data queries in a timely manner and adhering to all ICH-GCP guidelines. The study coordinator is the backbone of any clinical trial while the PI is the brain. We understand the importance of proper and consistent coordinator and Investigator training.
Houston Research Institute is fully dedicated to the advancement of quality health for furthering our patient care. 
If you’re interested in working with HRI at our cutting edge clinical research site, please kindly fill out the information below and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly with further information.
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Let's Work Together

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